CINC Cost Savings Highlighted in City of Eau Claire State of the City Address

“Information Architecture [is] another way the City safeguards a public system is through its oversight of a large information architecture  that brings essential information to public sector and private citizens.  The CINC (Chippewa Valley Internetworking Consortium) network was established in Chippewa Valley 12 years ago which connects public many public and private institutions with high capacity information infrastructure.  CINC has subsequently become model for municipal cost saving through the establishment of the first of its kind Community Area Network (CAN). Because of the CINC network, in 2010 western WI was awarded a $35 million BTOP grant (Broadband Technology Opportunities Program).  The $11.5 million of the grant monies invested in the Chippewa Valley laid 200 miles of fiber optic cable, and 1300 square miles of WiMax and  additional WiFi coverage at 30 City facilities. The project also created new wireless hot spots that attract vendors to the City. Then, in 2012, when the Federal Communications Commission mandated that all two-way radio transmissions move to NarrowBand broadcast, the City was able to reduce project costs because of the common work being done as part of the BTOP grant, which was won in part because of the CINC network created 12 years ago. We all agree that in a healthy democracy information is a vital public system.    And we can see that in Eau Claire access to information, in all its new technology, is guaranteed.”

–Kerry Kincaid

Eau Claire City Council President

State of the City message to citizens

(January 21, 2013)

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